Applications for Individuals

Grants for Individuals

Please see the Grants for the Support of Individuals section on the Grant Guidelines page for more information on the type of funding we award.

All applications on behalf of individuals must be submitted by a third-party referral organisation, such as a social worker or health professional. Applications directly submitted by individuals will not be considered.

Such third-party referral organisations must be prepared to receive and administer the grant on the individual’s behalf as we do not make payments to individuals or suppliers.

Applications on behalf of individuals can be made:

  1. using the Application Form for Individuals below
  2. by downloading the Application form as a Word Document and sending it to us by email or post

Applications may take up to 3 months to be considered, so please apply early.

In urgent cases, we will consider applications for funding of up to £500 in between Trustees meetings.

All applications are considered on their own merit and all will be acknowledged. The outcome of Trustees’ decisions will also be notified to all applicants.

If you have any questions about our application process, including whether you are eligible to apply, please contact us.

Application Form for Individuals

Apply for a grant on behalf of an individual.

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