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York Sea Cadets say:

TS York or (training ship York) also know as York Sea Cadets are York branch for the national Sea Cadet Corps. An organisation dedicated to providing training in practical life skills, leadership, community involvement and seamanship and nautical skills all while following the traditions and customs of the Royal Navy. First aid training is a key element of this both as a skill in and of itself but also as a means of Supporting many of our other activities such as rowing and canoeing on the river, hiking and adventure training and going away to sea on yachts and even Royal Navy ships.

The Purey Cust has, via it’s grant has facilitated a significant uplift in our first aid abilities both in terms of ability to provide training with the equipment provided and most importantly with the provision on an Automated Electronic Defibrillator the ability to safely train, in addition to this the equipment has been provided to undertaking training in the use of the AED so ever cadet can (if it is ever needed) confidently operate equipment and hopefully save lives.

Lieutenant Anderson the unit training officer said;

First aid training forms a key part of the cadets formal training program and as they progress through their time at cadets so too do they progress as first aiders, this grant will allow much of this training to happen in York rather than the cadets having to travel away on weekends to gain these qualifications, and the AED is a great piece of mind for when we take young people out on our fast flowing river.

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