United Response

United Response say:

Thanks to the Purey Cust Trust, United Response’s Supported Employment team provided vital employment support to an additional twenty-three York residents with learning disabilities, Autism, Asperger’s’ and mental health support needs.

Ramsay Taylor, Supported Employment Service Manager for York said: 

“Employment support for disabled people has never been needed more. We are now living in a time where disabled people, once again, are at risk of being left behind as local labour markets bend and challenge us with the rising numbers of unemployed. In February 2020, the UK saw the highest increase in the unemployment rate since late 2011, to 4 per cent (Trading Economics). Without consistent funding for Supported Employment services, disabled people struggle to navigate an open and competitive job market and are more vulnerable to health inequalities. Our work with local employers is hugely valuable as we look at new and inventive ways to recruit from an often unused talent-pool of people.” 

Five people have achieved permanent paid employment in a range of industries, including retail, hospitality, logistics and transport – a tremendous achievement given the challenges the pandemic continues to present. We anticipate all twenty-three people will secure employment, work placements, volunteering roles or be on their way to securing paid work suited to their skill set in time. All the job seekers have been actively engaged through a combined approach of regular face-to-face meetings, video calls, wellbeing checks and walks in the person’s local community, and all receiving a health check they otherwise might not have taken up.

One success story is James, who was supported with a series of workplace visits and given the opportunity to talk to staff about their roles, watch and learn and get to grips with the different roles in a frontline catering position. This approach paid off, and James was thrilled when he interviewed and was offered a part-time role at a local McDonalds.

James said: 

“Working has given me more get up and go, more structure. I meet more people and can afford Christmas and birthday presents for my family. I want other people to know that they can find the right support for them. The support was so personal.”

The support of the Purey Cust Trust has been a lifeline to this group and will leave a lasting legacy on their lives, health and wellbeing. 

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