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We are a local registered children’s charity, which provides a number of mentoring services to children and young people aged 8-13, and to disabled young people aged 8-18, who are based in York. Each child or young person is then linked with one of our fully-trained volunteer mentors, who, by means of weekly activity sessions, offer them, consistent one to one support over a period of 12 months. Our mentoring programme has proven to reduce anti-social and criminal behaviour, improve physical and emotional health, increase self-esteem and confidence, improve communication skills and enhance concentration levels in the classroom.

Thanks to the grant received from the Purey Cust Trust we have been able to facilitate two fortnightly clubs over a period of a year for young people referred to The Island. The Girls Groups and the Boys Groups seek to provide “islands of space and time” through a 20 session programme within a safe, enjoyable and supportive environment, to focus on different themes such as trust, health, respect, relationships, body image, social media and improving self-esteem. Being able to offer these groups has made a real difference in the lives of the young people who are able to openly and safely discuss the pressures facing them and to equip them for their future lives and relationships, whilst increasing their confidence and communication skills.

Girls Group has really improved my confidence and made me feel better about going to Secondary School.

The Island is extremely grateful for the grant and support of The Purey Cust Trust helping to make a real difference in the lives of the young people in York.

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