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Kyra Women’s Project say:

Kyra Women’s Project is a volunteer led charity based in the centre of York, UK. We support women to make positive changes in their lives by providing a safe and welcoming space where any woman can relax in a non-judgemental environment.

We offer a range of courses, therapies, life skills and events for women, full details can be found in our monthly newsletter. Also, check the events calendar for times and dates of our Drop in sessions and courses.

We are an inclusive charity open to all those identifying as a woman.

Through the generosity and support of the Purey Cust Trust, Kyra Women’s Project has been able to support 26 women through employing a CBT worker to work with more challenging needs.

Some feedback:

I suffer from frightening nightmares but with help through the sessions have learnt to ground myself when I first wake to help my nights easier to cope with. Learnt ways to help me relax to decrease the amount of nightmares I have. The importance of looking after myself and how I can do that.

The sessions have given me a safe place to express my feelings and emotions to help me move on. I am confident that as I move on I will be able to live a ‘ normal ‘ life with my past put where it truly belongs

Working with CBT therapist at Kyra these past couple of months has really helped me develop confidence and a calmer positive way of thinking, which I was battling with, for some time

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