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A brief overview

The Project: Achieving Day to Day Wellbeing at Kyra consists of three complementary courses.

  1. Sound Meditation: classes which encourage deep relaxation and stillness, bring the body into balance and help to release negative thought patterns.
  2. Mindfulness: Learning to be present through practicing mindfulness is helping members foster an attitude of calm acceptance, relax the busy-ness of their mind to build emotional resilience, and reduce anxiety.
  3. Creative Writing: The objective of the group is to strengthen mental health and promote emotional wellbeing through the process of writing within a facilitated and supported context. The group focuses on improving self-care, gaining self-confidence and greater empowerment through building the women’s coping skills and strategies.

Feedback from our Sound Meditation course:

This has been invaluable to me. I wasn’t in a great place when I started. I was exhausted, depressed and numb. Every time I arrive in the space I feel like a deep sigh and a sense of peace, and that hour is the most restful and healing of the week. I feel so rested, and in all less tired, more hopeful and more at peace.

Feedback from our Creative Writing course:

I really appreciated the small size of the group, the planned structure, the different exercises, the openness and acceptance.

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