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We are an experienced and established team, passionate about supporting people living with dementia and those who care for them. We support people in the Ripon and Harrogate district, York and The Vale.

We provide a number of services and different avenues of support and information to anyone who is interested in dementia, whether they have received a diagnosis, have concerns about their memory, support someone with memory problems, work in dementia care or just want to know more!

A local for local charity supporting people affected by dementia.

We are grateful to the Purey Cust Trust for the support they have provided to local people affected by dementia. Our York Wellbeing Café has benefitted from this incredible support.

Our Cafe

Dementia can create a number of barriers to enjoying everyday life and Dementia Forward is here to challenge those barriers and to help people to stay motivated. The café is a safe haven for many people in the area. Our team, made up of staff and volunteers, provide a welcoming smile, a bowl of soup and a listening ear to over 40 people living with dementia every week.

Thanks to the Purey Cust Trust’s support, we are also able to offer a one-off wellbeing activities, including mindfulness and life story work, and have been able to invite guest speakers to come and impart their knowledge and add another dimension to the café experience. It is important to many people that they socialise with others who share similar circumstances, and simply spending time doing something enjoyable in a relaxed and supportive setting can make a big difference to them.

Dementia Forward would like to say thank you to the trust for enriching the experience at our café, through being a benefactor, and helping us create an environment where people can learn and develop and discover new things.

Nobody says it better than the people we support:

I want to tell you that I have never felt so relaxed and confident. It’s been a real eye opener and life saver. My diagnosis hit me hard and going now to your cafe is really great for us both. We feel surrounded by care and we know there is someone there to call if we need it. Words cannot express how I feel and what a difference it has made to us both

The words of a person living with dementia
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