Clothing Solutions

Clothing Solutions say:

Clothing Solutions for Disabled People is a unique service that alters and creates bespoke clothing for disabled people to establish a better quality of life. We offer a comprehensive clothing service to people who, for reasons of shape, size, proportion, mobility difficulties or learning disabilities, find it difficult to source appropriate and affordable clothing from retail outlets.

The grant from The Purey Cust Trust is being used to fund our work in supporting our York-based customers. We currently have 17 customers in our database living in the area of York. 9 of those customers are adults and 8 are children under the age of 18. The grant makes a great difference to this work, as many of our customers rely solely on Clothing Solutions for appropriate, functional, and comfortable clothing – a privilege all should have access to regardless of their health, ability, or background. As we subsidise the cost of our garments to make them affordable, the grant from The Purey Cust Trust helps Clothing Solutions to continue to offer specialist and adaptive clothing to disabled children and adults in York at an affordable price. 

Sandra Hunt

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